My New Favorite Toy - Temptu Airbrush System

If you have never gotten airbrushed make-up you are missing out!  The first time I ever got airbrushed make-up was for my engagement pictures and I could not believe the difference.  I had a lot of coverage - which was perfect for the pictures - but I felt like I was wearing nothing.  It was just so light weight and it seemed to last throughout the day.

The true test for airbrushed make-up was during my August 2010 wedding.  It was extremely hot and I tend to sweat a lot.  However, my make-up still looked fabulous by the end of the night and I was hooked!  

Recently, I started doing make-up for other people (check out Belle Dame if you are interested), and realized that I needed to invest in an airbrush machine to keep my customers happy.  As I started to do my research I came across the Temptu Airbrush System - an at home system with airbrushed foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighters available to provide the same look that professional make-up artists use on celebrities.  

TEMPTU Airbrush System

The system uses interchangeable pods to apply different shades.  It also has an adjustable notch to determine how much make-up you want to apply. 

Because I shop too much at Sephora, I had managed to accumulate a lot of points in my Beauty Insider bank and wanted to put them to good use.  After doing some research on the TEMPTU system at home, I also wanted to see an in store demonstration.  Daphne (the make-up artist who assisted me) was great.  She helped match my skin tone to the perfect shade and applied the make-up accordingly.  She told me what I would want to do to if I had a blemish or wanted more coverage.  She even provided me with some helpful tips to keep the machine in good working condition.  

Since I am a VIB, I got a great deal on the system and purchased it immediately.  Right now, the system goes for $225 which includes the system and pod of your foundation shade.  There are deals available though so be on the lookout!  (Side Note: if you ever shop at Sephora, join the Beauty Insider program.  It gives you lots of points to be able to redeem for great stuff) 

Any who, I've been using the system for a few days now and I LOVE it.  Definitely a great addition to my beauty regiment.  I don't use it every day, but I will probably use it in the summer when I want more coverage from the heat!  It also gives me an opportunity to be able to use it on other people and play around with new looks.  Super exciting!  

So if you love beauty products and are looking for something that provides great coverage without that heavy feeling, this is a great opportunity to do just that.  It is an investment up front, but a pod normally lasts 3-6 months which could save you on foundation, and if you need special occasion make-up this is a great way to get the same effect.  If you assume that many professional services charge $75+ for make-up services you could pay for this system after 3 applications!  

XOXO, Allison

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