Real Life Fashionista Spotlight on Mary Rice

The newest segment here at the Nerdy Fashionista is a spotlight on every day fashionistas.  These are fashionable ladies with a keen eye for what's hot and what's not - even if Vogue doesn't tell them so!

Our first spotlight is on Mary Rice, a high school senior and cosmetology student who has already been excelling in hair shows at the Midwest. Remember her name - this girl is going to be working at Fashion Week some day, I just know it.

I met Mary through her sister (and my BFF), Sarah.  If I had to describe Mary's style in one word it would be edgy.  She has that natural coolness factor that many women envy, and stars like Gwen Stefani have made millions from.

Here are some questions that I had Mary fill out.  I think they provide a lot of insight into her personal style: 

NF: What's your favorite piece of clothing or go to outfit? 
MR: I'd have to say my grey pencil skirt.  It's always classy and stylish and easy to pair different looks    with.

NF: Where do you buy most of your clothes? 
MR: Forever 21 - it's youthful and fun...and affordable

NF: What do you look for when buying clothes or accessories?
MR: I tend to go for patterns - the more unique the better.  I also love purple because it looks great with skin color. 

NF: What's your favorite trend right now?
MR: Hot Pants - My body is perfect for them 
NF: Must be nice!  

NF: Who is your fashion inspiration? 
MR: I've never intentionally followed anyone.  I just have my own style and I buy what I like and what I think looks good on me. 

It definitely doesn't hurt that Mary is a gorgeous girl with legs I would die for!  However, the real thing I envy (and was truly makes her a fashionista) is that Mary knows her style so well that she no longer has to try to look great - it's just part of her daily routine.  

Thanks Mary for being our Fashionista this month - I wish I would have been as gutsy with fashion as you are at your age!  

XOXO, Allison

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