Could it be? Swimsuit Season!

So I know around this time of the year everyone is dreading swimsuit season.  However, I think once you see some of the looks from this season's swimwear collection I assume that you will get just about as giddy as I did.

I have to admit that I'm not a two piece girl.  Even if I had the body for a two piece I doubt I would be in one.  However, there are a few suits this year that would make me change my mind if my physique was a little more up to par!

I'm a big fan of this retro look from Tori Praver.  One of my favorite aspects of this look is that it has a more mature cut and provides more coverage then two pieces.  I also love the print - the color combination is one that you can pull off even if you don't tan so well.  It's a little pricey, but if you get a lot of use out of your swimwear I think it's well worth it!

Tory Praver Betty Top - $93, Bottoms - $84

For those of you like me who need a bit more coverage, I opt for a one piece.  But I definitely don't go for the traditional old school styles - I want something edgy that's unique and shows that I'm not ready to be out of my 20's just yet!  DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) has some fabulous pieces for the girl who is looking for just that.  These two are my favorites from her recent collection - aren't they fabulous? 

DVF Bash One Piece, $220

DVF Stefania, $200

And FYI - La Blanca is one of my favorite more affordable swimwear lines.  And let me tell you - they can make anyone look skinny and fabulous.  I love these two pieces...I have one similar to the turquoise and I was always getting compliments and being asked if I lost weight - bonus!  

La Blanca Ruffled One Piece, $109

La Blanca 'Sahara' Bikini

And for the swimsuit that's great for the lake or for you ladies who don't hit the beach or the pool as often as you like, here is a look from Target's Mossimo Mix and Match Collection that is more affordable.  You could get two bottoms for one top or vice versa - all offered in a variety of colors!  

Mossimo Mix and Match $12-20

Now you can hit the town pool or beach on vacation in style!  

XOXO, Allison


  1. There would be a serious malfunction if I tried to wear the DVF suit. Plunging neckline and DD do not mix. LOL.

    Another great brand for well made suits is Lands End. I know, I know...they are a grandma store, but every once in awhile they pull off a cute style and print.

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    -Love this post.