An April Favorite - Water Repelling Wellies!

April Showers...are here.  And I don't know about you, but I HATE when the bottoms of my pants get soaking wet from the rain.

After moving from a home to an apartment, I forgot how much I would be going in and out letting my 2 boys Snickers and Rufus out.  I also didn't realize that Memphis gets a lot of popcorn showers...and of course the area that the dogs love is always flooded.  I basically ruined my UGG slippers from stepping in a huge puddle.  Ugh.  That's why I have been on the search for some Wellies and let me tell you that there are some great pairs out there.  

Now when it comes to a purchase like this, I have to go with function over fashion.  Fortunately, there are some brands that offer both.  I've tried the cutesy ones, and let me tell you - they don't keep all the water out!  Gross!  Nothing worse than trapped, damp feet. 

I have eyeing the Hunter Classic rain boots for quite some time now.  When I lived in Indianapolis, snow boots were a need over rain boots, so I could never justify the purpose.  However...with all of this moisture down south it is getting harder to resist.  

Hunter Classic Tall High Gloss, $125

Now these babies are not cheap - so you better get a lot of use out of them if you decide to purchase.  The boots run $125 and have extras like socks for the colder weather months which range from $30-50.  Like I said, it better be a need!

A few friends have pointed me in the direction of Tretorn.  For about half the price, you get a great boot that is already lined - no needed for the boot socks.  My cousin's favorite attribute of these boots is the optional style with the "converse all star" white sole - allowing you to wear them all day.  

Tretorn Skerry Rubber Rain Boot, $60 

Not a fan of the white "tennis shoe" bottom?  No problem!  Here's something a little more traditional - also from Tretorn.  

Tretorn Kelly Rubber Rain Boot, $65

Still need something with a little extra something.  Well, Kamik offers rain boots in patterns and bright colors as well - for those of you who need a little girly in your rain boot.

Kamik Janis Plum, $48

Now you'll actually forward to the rain when you step out in any of these great boots!  Who wants to jump in puddles? 

XOXO, Allison

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  1. Posted this one on facebook! We need the rainboots at Purdue; our campus is terrible at draining water. Often the puddles will stretch across the roads.