Monthly Favorite - Braided Belts

I've always been terrible about wearing belts - something about the belt is just uncomfortable.  The buckle always sticks out and if you want the belt to show you have to wear a short top.  It's so annoying!

Recently, belts have been appearing in a less traditional sense.  They are used to cinch the waist of a shapeless dress, add detail to an otherwise plain top, and are a great way to accessorized any look.  The most popular style currently is the braided belt - another throwback look that was very popular in the 70s.

I'm a big fan of the skinny belt when you use it as a simple accessory.  This Club Monaco Harper belt is great for just that.  I love how they have styled it with a feminine skirt.  It adds a little edge.

Club Monaco Harper Belt, $79

Other braided belts are used to cinch the waist when a style may not naturally define the waistline. It's a great way to make the outfit look more stylish and flattering.  To me, the dress below look so much better with this double braided belt - even on a model as skinny as she is!  

Rag & Bone Double Braid Belt, $175

Although I've shown you some more expensive options, you can always head to Target, Forever 21, and other retailers for a great selection of belts.  Just make sure you pick out the right belt for the right style.  Keep your tags on in case you have to return it!  

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