Bright and Sparkly - the newest Trends in Nails

In case you've missed it - bright and sparkly nails are IN!  In the magazines and nail salons everywhere, women are opting for fun and funky color combinations in lieu of the traditional red or french manicure.

OPI recently released a Katy Perry line - filled with bold and sparkly color combos that would make your inner 13 year old shriek with delight!  I'm a big fan of the "teenage dream" pink sparkle shade.  It's over the top, just like Katy, and perfect for a girls night out or summer bash.

(Tip from the Pros: Put a light pink shade underneath to make the sparkles stand out) 

Or what about the reverse french mani?  You heard right!  One of the latest trends is to place a different color in the bottom of your nail in the "half moon shape"  It's fun and funky - and definitely unique.  

Lastly, instead of white and clear for your french, why not try a different color combo like teal and orange?  Although people have played with this stuff, this season everyone is doing it!  

So why not opt for something crazy when it comes to your nails!  Unlike some other trends, this is one that can be removed!  

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