Pininterest - The New Place to Post your Fashion (and other) Favorites

Don't you get tired of having to bookmark all of your favorite web pages only to find out that what you bookmarked is no longer there or not what you wanted?  Well now you don't have to!  There's pinterest to the rescue.

Pinterest is a site where you create online "pin boards" that you can place your favorites in fashion, food, housewares - whatever you fancy!  It's completely up to you how you organize your boards - the sky's the limit!

Friends can follow your boards to see your online finds and even repin them to share with other people.

Pinterest is a social networking site where you can share your favorite finds with friends and strangers.  All you do is download the "pin it" application to your toolbar.  When you go to a site where you find something you want to pin, click on the "pin it" button on your toolbar and choose the photo of the item you want to pin and the board you want to pin it on.  Easy as pie!  And now you have a reference point to go back to.

Whether you want to recommend your favorite books or beauty supplies, or want to drop some hints as to great Christmas or birthday gifts - it's a great way to share your personal interests.  I love it - and I know you will too!  Be sure to follow me :)

p.s. Mobile Gadget lovers - there's also an app for this wonderful site.  So get pinning!

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  1. thanks for introducing Pinterest. i think this would come in handy. thanks. :)

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