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The peek-a-boo effect has become one of the most popular ways amongst Hollywood's elite to reveal some skin without showing up in a negligee on the red carpet.  Whether it's a tween trying to grow up all too fast, or an older actress trying to regain her youthfulness - every celebrity is showing up in this trend.

One of the oldest actresses to recently emerge in this trend is Jane Fonda.  She took a scandalous look from Emilio Pucci (earlier worn by Ciara) and made it red carpet worthy - and a favorite amongst critics. She proved that at any age - the illusion is better than letting it all hang out.

Even a little peek is super sexy!

The good news is that this look is available to the rest of us...the bad news?  In order for it to look slimming and sexy it's going to be a bit more expensive.  And when I say a bit more...I mean a LOT more.  Even so, here are some of the looks we can dream about...

Rachel Gilbert Candice Cutout Raw-Silk Dress, $660

Willow Dress, $595

Zimmerman Labyrinth cutout print dress, $450 

Love it!  

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