Pore Purifying Black Strips - A Must!

I feel like I have tried almost every single pore refining treatment out there.  Growing up with my mother who was a zip popper extraordinaire, I have a little trouble letting "nature take it's course" and am always picking at my face.  One of the areas I am always looking at is my nose.  It just seems like those pores are always getting dirty and filling up.  Gross.  

That's why I was so excited to try the Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips.  Unlike some of the other strips that simply use a strong adhesive to try to extract those pesky black heads, these strips have a lot going on.  It used charcoal powder to help extract and detoxify the skin, silica to control excess oil, and witch hazel extract to tighten pores.  

Of course the strips are not cheap (6 strips for $15) but if you use them once a week like me, it makes a big difference.  

By now you probably think I'm a product junky, but let me tell you...when you find one you like it's well worth it!  

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