Father's Day Gifts Dad will LOVE!

Do you ever get tired of Dad asking for a Lowe's gift card, a new golf club, or a case of beer?  I know I do!  Come on dad - think outside the box.  However, we know dad's just trying to make it easy on you.  That's why it's up to you to find something great for dad - and make him a little more snazzy in the process.  Here are some of my suggestions:

Lacoste has a great selection of colors and fits to make any dad happy!  The signature knit is soft and airy - perfect for your dad!  ($79.50)
Note: Check online to see if there are any on sale from your favorite department store.  

Anybody else tired of dad sporting the same scent since 1989?  Well, a new scent is a great way to get dad smelling fresh without offending him.  Trust me, your mom will thank you! 

Does your dad have a case of the George Costanza wallet?  Pick up something more modern like this gorgeous Ferragamo wallet.  Cole Haan, Fossil, and Ted Baker also offer great, affordable options of this slim wallet.  

Is dad still walking around with that gold Timex?  No worries - pick up something classic and up-to-date like this Michael Kors watch.  I'm a big fan of Fossil for a current look that doesn't break the bank.  

And of course, don't forget the gift receipt.  Some dads are more fickle than others.  It's the thought that counts...but some dads just want an excuse to go to Lowe's.   

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