Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Sale or Bust of the season?

First of all, sorry everyone for my absence.  The 5th grader in my yearned for a summer vacation - and since my "pay the bills" job does not offer this benefit my blog had to take a back seat. 

Now back to the good stuff!  Normally, this is the one time of the year that I'm willing to pull out the plastic and splurge a bit on my personal wardrobe.  Why?  Because the Nordstrom Anniversary sale offers a preview of what's to come for fall and you get the latest styles for 33% off!  It's the time when I start yearning for a cool breeze so I can break out that new sweater and pair of boots that I've been dying to wear.  For a shopper like myself, it's a National Holiday. 

The preview book that comes out in early July is like the Sears toy catalog that I coveted so many years ago.  I get my pen out and start circling all of the items that I know will be just perfect for work and that fall wedding.  So, imagine my surprise when I got all nestled onto my favorite spot on the couch and anxiously began turning pages only to gasp - everything was...hideous. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of reusing trends.  Thank god jeans with a little more of a rise came back in style because this girl's getting a little old for her butt crack or undies to be playing peek-a-boo.  However, do we really need to go back to grunge?  Don't get me wrong Kurt Cobain, you pulled it off wonderfully.  However, some of us have office jobs and can't wear flannel inspired boots.  And wedged rain boots?  Really?  I find rain boots as more of a functional item...why don't we bring back heeled jelly shoes while we're at it (I should be careful what I wish for...).

After scanning through the catalog front to back 3-4 times I was shocked to see that my pen was still capped.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING struck my fancy.  If you're pregnant this is the season for you.  I mean, I can't really think of anyone else who might be able to pull of the poncho. 

On Friday, July 15th when the entire sale was released online I told myself that I would be able to find something.  There were some decent flowy blouses...but they made the 34-24-34 measured model look a little curvy.  I can only imagine what that would do this girl...I mean, some of us do have a chest.

So, after waiting 11 months for the sale of the year, I became discouraged.  Where oh where will my fall clothes come from?  Honestly, I wish that I was Eva Longoria or one of those celebrities that can still fit into kid clothes.  Joe's Jeans for $38.90?  Count me in!  Not sure I can squeeze into a child's 14 though...

If you don't believe me, check it out for my opinion, this sale is a bust.  With reused styles (mostly jeans and shoes) and cowboy/grunge inspiring the fall runways, here's hoping to a more fashionable 2012!


  1. Agreed!!! I was very disappointed!

  2. the kids clothes are great - yes, evelyn now owns those joes jeans! we ended up stocking up on several basic items ... and i even picked up a coat for $90 that is $140 after the sale.

    yeah, i have to agree with the adult clothes - nothing great. although i wish i could pick up those hudson jeans for around $100. stupid baby belly!