Big Style, Small Price - Designers that Give You More Bang for your Buck

I've always been jealous of my friends that live in larger cities because they always pick up the most unique items that looks super chic and expensive but are completely affordable.  I don't know about you, but there's nothing I despise more than going to the mall and seeing 3 people with the same top on.  It's funny, because at 14 I wanted to look like everyone else (Abercrombie & Fitch all the way!) and as an adult I want to be completely unique from my peers.  I want to enter a room and have someone say, "wow I love your dress" and then be able to say, "yes, and I got it so cheap!" - there is nothing more gratifying than feeling like you got your moneys worth.  Well, some of us may never have the opportunity to peruse the local high end consignment shops in search for someone's 1970s Missoni dress but with the internet there is a way that some of us can still look chic without having to give in to the monotony of so many stores these days.

For those of you who have been in a coma for the last year, you may not have heard that Kate and Pippa Middleton have emerged as the style elite.  However, unlike some of their peers they like to mix up high end pieces with more affordable items as well.  There favorite go to brand?  Zara.  This international brand has just recently made the move to the States, and for almost a year us Americans have been able to peruse the shop online.  Seriously, this was big stuff for someone like me.  For the price, Zara's quality and tailoring is impeccable and most looks are classic enough that you will get several seasons out of it.  Here are some of my favorites for spring.

Blazer - $99,

Dress - $79.90

Shorts, $59.90

Topshop is another fabulous brand that offers some cutting edge designs for a much more reasonable price than premiere designers.  Many celebrities have been seen at high end events wearing pieces from the line, while others have collaborated to create designs.  One of the most popular collections from Topshop was designed by Kate Moss - who still works with the line today.  Pregnant?  No problem - they offer maternity gear too!  Best part - free shipping over $100...and since it's coming from the UK, it's well worth the discount! 

Chiffon Dip Hem Dress, $84

Floral Romper, $76

So if you're tired of the usual mall stops try out these two online havens.  One recommendation - check the size charts!  European sizing is very different than US sizing and many silhouettes are more narrow.  If you have to change your size, don't sweat it - just send it back and order something new.  Trust me - you can find something from these fabulous lines! 

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  1. Love this post. I'm a huge fan of those brands.