BIg Girl in a Skinny World - A Must Read for the Curvy Lady

While everyone else is joining the high tech world of Nooks, Ipads, and Kindles, I still enjoy the feel of a good magazine.  However, I must "thank" those of you who have moved on to these devices because magazine subscriptions are super cheap and several years ago I subscribed to nearly every fashion/fitness/gossip magazine out there.

Even though I love my fashion magazines, I get annoyed with some of the super editorial looks that feature women with abnormal measurements in clothing that the Queen probably couldn't afford.  Honestly, who wants a $20,000 motorcycle jacket?  Love you Gucci, but when the price says, "upon request" this girl is out.

That's why I found it so refreshing when Marie Claire started featuring a monthly column from their own Nicolette Mason.  Mason is unlike most of the women working in this superficial industry; she is plus size and proud! Each month she takes on a new topic that often finds curvier women shying away when it comes to fashion.  May's issue featured Nicollette sharing her own former fears about shorts.  While shorts have emerged all over the runways, most of them are a wee bit, well...short, and nothing is less chic than a lady pulling her shorts down every time she takes a step!

Check out her blog and learn more about her fashion finds.  Even if you're a skinny twig, some of her advice is applicable to all of us.  With her personal touch it's hard not to identify.

So the next time you're at the Supermarket skip the Cosmo (do you really need to know how to make your man hot in bed...I mean...he's a guy...he probably doesn't care...) and pick up Marie Claire.  With fashion advice from Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia, it's hard not to see that Marie Claire is heading in the right direction when it comes to fashion for all!

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