Beat the Brass - Renew Your Color Without a Stop at the Salon

Now, while I hate to make assumptions, I would guess that most of you out there have had your color done a few times in your life.  Well, with summer approaching it's easy for your color to lose that glow you achieve after just having it done.  Rather than going back every few weeks to renew that look, why not use a product that will give you that "just left the salon look."

Rita Hazan, Celebrity Colorist, has recently come out with her Foaming Gloss product that promises to take out the brassiness and have your locks looking shiny and new.

For $26, it's much cheaper for most of then hitting up the salon again.  Just be sure to pick the right shade for you...if you don't have golden tones, you definitely don't want to pick that shade.  

So don't put the ball cap on just yet - renew your color and shine and have everyone asking how your color always looks great!

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